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I have launched a new website where my work will be posted from here forth.

 I have not decided what to do with this blog yet, as i do not think i am ready to let go of this yet. 

I will keep you updated. 

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I have a few suprises up my sleeves like the magician i am 😄

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Emancipation – Liberation – Freedom – Choice


The meaning of life is not to be discovered only after death in some hidden, mysterious realm: On the contrary, it can be found by eating the succulent fruit of the Tree of Life

-Paul Kurtz

A Goddesses creation throughout a vulnerable conversation, she creates The Tree of Life made with ♡ & Mother Nature  from the stalk of Spinach leaves ♡  B#@ ♡ She does not know yet..until now..Aloha xxx


Self-love is the best love for you know your worth

We know we are good enough

We know, no matter how someone treats us, that it is not about us but the reflection of how they feel about themselves

When our beloved puts themselves in a glass bottle and rolls out to sea whilst you watch the distance, feel every ripple left behind..


They say to do nothing as saving them could interrupt their karmic cycle.

The heart of an empath beats so rapidly like   chanting around the sacred fire, stamping your feet upon the Earth, creating the sounds of drums, echoing through souls.

More so a blessing than a curse.
Imagine how it would feel to watch the love of your life open their eyes, to see your face and smile with joy. Grand rising sunshine.

Now imagine a bus full of your beloved family and friends, on a party bus, dancing and singing together, driving on the most beautiful mountain, surrounded by the colours of the rainbow, feeling warm yet refreshed, during the sun rise, coming to your wedding to see you marry the love of your life.

Now imagine the party bus falling off the mountain, over the cliff, crashing into the rocks and stumbling into the ocean diving deep.

This is how I feel as an empath, feeling pain, as I see the pain in my beloveds’ eyes.

I am a healer I like to help those who want the help, not only needing the help.

{Separation is the greatest illusion}

Dichotomy. We cannot live as one. We are one. All interconnected with the Tree of Life.

Although some robots have blood flowing through them walking around dictating to society with their eyes wide shut.

A blessing and a curse to have 3 eyes wide open, More so a blessing than a curse.

Although when I meditate, I have 2 eyes shut, one eye open. Try to understand me when I say this; I am opening my third eye. Speaking of my pineal-gland. Ajna.

Although my human eyes are shut, I see a Universe I have seen before but not in this lifetime, God, the creator, the Universal energy that resides within me is set free with truth.

Not a he or she that speaks to me, an entwined divine feminine and masculine energy which resides in us all, within every living entity.

We communicate through visions, no longer ignoring ignorance of the robots with blood.

The difference is I am focused on healing Mother Nature for without her, life will not exist. We will be the next dragons or so-called dinosaurs if we continue to cause chaos, destroying our lands and the Ocean.

I am also focused on healing my inner being at its deepest level yet, I have not seen before,

Grand rising as I land on my feet bouncing like Tigger, after rolling out of bed, slipping so graciously out of my covers to laugh and smile so joyfully,

New beginnings commence.

I am in control of how I allow myself to feel and take full responsibility.

Doing all my heart desires.

Planning and adapting in my head. Subsiding distractions like the telephone.

Reading, hydrating with golden energy, 5511111111, exercising releasing endorphins. Thoughts run clearly for me to see.

I am limitless and free

Expressing myself as truly as can be.

I love Love, dichotomy, alchemy, numerology and geometry. Things I rarely speak of, as others are stuck in the Matrix whom are more interested in what resonates with their soul, not mine, instead supporting spreading propaganda, false knowledge, and unhealthy strangers . Why would people rather support strangers, I mean rich celebs who not know of your existence, nor care, only of that you are a reliable income, they’re already established and gaining millions from followers of a low frequency, so what is the excitement about, just to be part of the latest trend and seem well put together based on a façade displayed to seem like life is perfect, and they are of higher establishment because they look or dress a certain way, to fit what is labelled as Upper class, when they generate more money than is necessary to have. 1% being wealthy whilst 99% struggle and those labelled as the lower class live without basic human rights of clean water and food that is provided freely by Mother Nature stolen by the billionaires who share their juice with whomever survives as the fittest, does not seem reasonable nor ethical to me.

The Phoenix-Rebirth

It is easier for the majority to support the majority than the minority of individuals with peculiar minds, I now feel and understand the struggles of an entrepreneur as I silently observe loved ones free willing to share quotes of strangers but not creations from a family or friend. It is a condition brainwashed through generations I am not here to compete with, Support is vital, it builds foundations, foundations are necessary to build on and grow.

I firstly recognise myself

The root Muladhara

Accepting that crying myself to sleep because I wished someone would save me

Crying to myself in my room because they did not show up even though they didn’t before and I believe them over and over again.

I created barriers I wish to bring down

Only I can save myself

A slow demolition on my own construction, walls should not be built to separate us. Walls are made to be climbed. Let us elevate and I do not mean in an elevator.

Some say I am naturally beautiful oh thank you

How about my heart?

Society teaches us to gratify the beautiful figures as people comment on what you do not have. The same that find it harder to state what you do have. So, I look in the mirror, at my bum, hair and boobs but all I feel is my heart beating reminding me I have a soul deep within this shell so instead I look into my eyes and what do I see.

I am like the water flowing into the glass and instead of watching the water, flowing with fluidity adapting its form within the glass, I watch the reflection of the water on the glass as it flows fluidly. An im perfect perception from my view.

I know I am different, it took me a while to identify with myself and grow comfortably still learning until this day, with my different ways of thinking, not being a sheep in a herd just because that is the way of life that everyone else is going. No energy vampires or blood-filled robots over here.

I tend to look up at the blue skies even when the grey clouds are covering the sky, admiring the openness and the birds flying freely adapting to the environment surrounding us.

Now I understand why people turn crazy-crazy, insane to the insane although they are so awake in the dream like state but not to those still sleeping in reality. They are simply ahead of their time, the knowledge they obtain is not yet obtained, accepted, heard or understood by the majority so it is easier to label some one else crazy, insane, mentally unstable if we do not understand what they are saying and willing to look within ourselves.

I think the hardest things for people to do is:

  • To unlearn what they have learned and be open to learn something new out of their comfort zone
  • Have an open mind to subjects they know nothing of especially if it integrates or overlaps their moral concepts and principles known from their upbringing
  • To say I love you

I want beings including myself to trust more in themselves, in others and the Universe

I want beings including myself to love with all the power within ourselves

I want beings including myself to be authentic and true to themselves and others

I want beings including myself to be honest to themselves and to others

I want beings including myself to obtain the higher vibrations of love and light

I want beings including myself to obtain balance in all aspects of living

I want beings including myself to obtain love, peace and harmony with themselves and others

I want beings including myself to be kind and generous to people in need

I want beings including myself to follow their passions and dreams

I want beings including myself to be thankful for the good days and bad days, keeping in mind that it is a bad day and not a bad life

I want beings including myself to have more faith in themselves and others

I want beings including myself to be generous with their kindness toward others and themselves

I want us to focus on improving instead of destroying, always encouraging improvement

I want us to focus more on the positives than the negatives, being mindful whilst using our powerful words.

I want us to stop worrying, judging and thinking we are not good enough. We are good enough

I want us to be empathetic towards ourselves and others

I want us to self-reflect, whilst being aware of others and Mother Nature

I want beings including myself to love unconditionally, to love ourselves unconditionally and to love others unconditionally.

I want to thank all the beings especially those whom I have connected with through my writing, you the reader, as you are part of the reason for my existence, encouraging me to strive forward, pushing to reach the highest heights, together. I want to thank the beings who are there for me through thick and thin, our connections as deep as the ocean and so is our love. Those who tell me to always be myself, thank you, I admire your love and inspiration. Thank you Universe for all the challenges I have gone through building my characteristics to be harmonic, peaceful loving and balanced. I will also, thank myself for devoting energy into loving myself, believing in myself, valuing myself and investing in myself because I am good enough and I am worthy of unconditional love. With this energy I am able to share with the Universe within you, wisdom from a divine consciousness I am yet to understand myself, with this we are journeying together on a discovery of self, the Universe we reside in and the Universe that resides within us.

Love, Peace, Harmony and Balance

+Self-Acceptance + +Self-expression = ++Self-Love

I really began to love myself deep divers when I found my one true voice, I am speaking my heart and mind every single day, I am allowing myself to be vulnerable as vulnerability is strength too, that’s how to love yourself 100%. You didn’t come here to be a perfect person. You came here to be real, real to yourself, authentic to your true emotions, how you’re feeling at this point in time so stop silencing yourself.

-Ralph Smart

Thank you and I love you xx

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Please try it out ..if your curious and brave enough to dive deep within yourself, it is safe and very uplifting, encouraging you to follow your hearts♡ desires.

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Love Love BWildFlowerChild

Have you ever?

 Waterfall of fireballs


As the waterfall opens and flows
The fire burns from the core oozing from the finger tips
Tossing in pain
Sizzling in the pan

te ka towards us 3.03
Gushing out like a hole in a stone
It wont stop. The gates are open
The pressure intense. Painful
Like my heart split
Oh fire
Let the water fall
It’s a waterfall
I hold my hand to my face collecting water
I think, has anyone ever?
As the fire melts my face
As the waterfall soaks my pillow
As my back is now flat
I let it flow

te ka 3.19
i am okay. I am not okay. I am okay
16 minutes on the 16th day of the 1st month 2018
Never have i ever
Woken from my sleep and cried tears like this before
Like when my heart broke the last time
I squirmed before
I wonder has anyone else ever
Felt the waterfall flow like this before
As if someone had pinned my shoulders down and said
Let it flow

giphy 4.14

A year ago today I was extremely ill, going through so much pain, physically, emotional, spiritually, i decided to write as i was not able to voice what i was going through. Actually i could not write as my hands were in excruciating pain, unable to bend my fingers from the swelling and hypersensitive feelings, with what i was told was Psoriasis, i typed my thoughts on my phone. Did you know your skin is the largest organ of the body, when your skin is in distress it alters your whole life as it is visible for all to see including you from the moment you open your eyes until the moment they are closed again. Skin conditions are a pain, literally.

Too scared to share my inner feelings and true thoughts at the time, now a year later in 2019, i can say i got through another battle of my skin condition, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I did go to the doctors who recommend products to enhance the governments funds and not clear my skin instead suppressing the symptoms using steroid creams containing harmful chemicals which when you stop using, causes breakouts and if you use if too much, causes more breakouts, so what are you paying for? So upsetting it was when i said i do not use chemical products especially those including harmful steroids i had used all my life years before, they still tried to force it on me and could not recommend a natural cream/oil to help me through my excruciating pain nor diagnose me adequately. There is enough suppression within the world already, my skin does not need to be part of this. I am my own doctor as i know myself best and began researching and reading what is best for me. 

One of the reasons i became a VBegan is to cure my ever so long eczema/hand dermatitis by using only natural products and looking after myself from the inside out by not consuming toxins like meat, especially dairy and wheat as they cause major inflammations activating my allergies and causing irritation as well as the number one dis-ease, stress.

Finding a source that helps my skin condition so i am not going through constant pain and aggravation. In the image below of my hand, i am not sure if you can see the redness in between my fingers but this is due to me creaming a client with the most ‘dermatological’ recommended creams the classic and full of shit E45 (not my choice obviously) and now I’m paid back with itchiness irritation and redness. 

My oils will help get rid of this…


Calendula is a soothing herb that also stimulates healing of the skin and is an antiseptic. Highly nourishing and can also be used during pregnancy to help prevent stretch marks

Nettle tea taken internally as an infusion, nettles helps to reduce inflammation and have anti-allergenic action

Chamomile soothing and anti-inflammatory, relieves any hot inflamed skin condition with its calming and anti-allergenic properties to alleviate eczema, rashes…also aids relaxation before going to sleep

Lemon verbana provides skin benefits, reducing skin puffiness and inflammation. It also supports health at a deeper level by lowering breathing and heart rates and boosting immunity and liver functions. In a diffuser bolsters the spirits when dealing with periods, feeling down and depression. 

Lavender oil anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties makes it a versatile herb to cool, calm rashes, redness, eczema, sunburn, thrush…also aids restlessness

Oil Diffuser

  • Humidify and purify the air
  • Ease the stress of life
  • Relax and unwind your mind, body and spirit
  • Bring you joy
  • Reducing anxiety and depression
  • Headache relieving
  • Keeping the weary cold and flu away
  • Decorative lamp
  • Decorating your room in the night

I also use Extra Virgin Olive oil as a base oil, which is currently out of stock. Email me for a personal order or buy it from your local supermarket.

I have an alternative oil. Contact me via my email for aExclusive with full health benefits, only for those ser^ous about maintaining a healthy mind, body and spirit. Or if you wa^t any tips and/or help, feel free to email me using the above email address^^^^^

Beautiful Organic Raw Natural


Have you ever felt like i mentioned before?

Have you ever woken up out of your sleep crying?

Have you ever felt excruciating pain before?

Have you ever suffered from anxiety and depression?

Have you ever tried to cure your skin condition?

Have you ever looked for help to uplift your mind, body and spirit?




Happy Self~Love Sunday ♡

I know, now i no longer have to grow through pain and i did not stumble upon this from within my own thoughts. It has been taught to me through reading, whether it be a book, an article, a blog or subtitles.

Some one connected with me sharing knowledge. We learn from one another through the deep urge of knowing from within. 

I believe love and pain, go hand in hand like Yin and Yang


Treat yourself like you would treat your best friend with kindness, gentleness and compassion. Listening to and sharing inner feelings and deepest thoughts. When our best friend is feeling down, we are not too hard on them, caring enough to want to make them happy especially when they’re feeling low. Being authentic and having trust for your best friend is part of the foundation for building a relationship therefore trust yourself. 

Treat yourself like you treat your best friend.!


Whilst sitting on the toilet doing a big old poo💩
Cleansing from the inside out 😏
I run to get my phone to express to you my wild wild thoughts 🎶💃🏽
Happy Self~Love Sunday 💛  Today, like every other day, is about loving yourself Unconditionally
I realised whilst looking through my poetry and observing my past life…
I have been holding myself back
No one else but me
As i am the one who makes a choice of what is to be or not to be
Breaking barriers, inner healing and setting my mind free
As i read I am whatever i say i am
I asked myself why have i not published a lot of my poetry before?
Yes they are incomplete
Some not even so!
What did the Peacock say?

No more excuses

am a perfectionist throwing all the pens away to look for the best one to write with but how am i to know if i do not use the pen?..How can i just judge it without giving it a chance?
I am perfectly imperfectly me

Just b🐝 buzzing with the trees 🌳🎵

And stroking the flowers.😊
The Tiger said to strive forward courageously
You have the strength and willpower to complete any task
How can i forget to take the time to devote my intense passion and devotion to myself for a while.
  ♾Nurture your own soul♾
Write and write some more
I am healing and helping myself and i hope i am healing and helping many more
The Peacock told me to show my true colours
Be the protector of children
The true royalty

Through incorruptibility and nobility
I want to be as untamed as children screaming as they play freely
So peacefully
To me.
We all have our perception
We are our perception
Although what you perceive may also be ours

I will not be in fear of the unknown 

Should the unknown fear me?
Live without fear

As everything you need is within ♡ You ♡

I constantly crave love from outside sources
When they may not even love themselves enough
So how selfish of me to want them to love me too
When i can love myself
And love myself enough to share it with you.
And me too.
I need to invest in myself as much as i invest and devote my time in uplifting, helping and loving others. I need to share this gift with myself not overlooking my blessings but still sharing with others
I need to keep myself filled with love and passion 
And when my love overflows, it flows into the hearts of many beloveds.
Thank you Mother Earth, Father Sky, Grandfather Sun and Grandmother Moon.
And Thank you😘


Today is the day…..



You can find out your Animal totem today. An Animal totem is your spirit animal, guiding you through a significant part of your growth.

💡Question/s? Who is your Spirit Animal? 

Do you think the meaning resembles and relates to you and your life within this present moment?


This is mine☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

Butterfly🦋 YES! Indeed i am transforming at a rapid rate, thankful for the journey, rebirthing, blossoming and growing through many personal changes, the waves are real intense yet subtle and gracious 🦋

CHALLENGE🖎 For only 21 days out of 365 days of the year, can you write 1.2.3 things you are grateful for? ✍

Remember to be grateful for yourself! Where would you be without you? 😄😘😊 

Makes sense to me now 💡 Sychronicities 💛 Thanks Universe 

One Brave Introduction

Sometimes we have to look at the finer details within flowers, everything in between the lines, on the lines, within the lines and outside each stroke of divine depth in detail, lovingly shared with Mother Nature. I will look at all with an open heart, understanding the Laws of Nature and synchronicities, syncing with Universal synergy, as do the birds when they flock together, or like the fish whom swim together, or like the seeds that grow together, or the stars which shines together. All is connected. As love leaves cluesideas, purpose, meaning, love is life, unless it is turned upside down then it is the opposite of everything that feels like loving energy, uplifting our happiness to feel euphoric. Flowing gracefully using all sensesperceiving the World as we are our perception although what you perceive may be ours. 

We will become one with Mother Nature, Father Sky. Grandfather Sun and Grandmother Moon. My soul tribe understands me when i say: we are one, the same but different and I know, now, in this present moment and through Infinite Love, us Empaths, Warriors, Lightworkers, Indigos, Starseeds and more, sometimes we might be alone, but we are always together, even in solidarity and will never truly be alone as we love Love.

Omni Love xxxxx

💡Question/s? Why are we not in sync with one another…. like the birds, fish, seeds and stars? …in harmony with Mother Nature and her Laws of Nature?

What do you think?💡😊 {Think/Email/Comment}

Voice your opinion even when your hand shakes and your voice trembles. Your opinion matters just as much as any one elses!

BW🌱ldFl🌻werChild 💛 SELF 💚 

I think they love each other indefinitely. Understanding and respecting each divine being as an individual and as a whole. Being connected to themselves and the tree of life, connecting all things together whilst having a significant path to take, depending on who they are and then gifting the Universe back with love authentically from themselves, together, as one 🕉

Thank you, i appreciate your time as a gift and i hope you recieved mine whilst reading my One Brave Introduction, flowing into a Poem called ♡You♡ which is coming out sooon, very soon 💚💙 

Reminder to self….Sometimes we have to look at the finer details within flowers, everything in between the lines, on the lines, within the lines and outside each stroke of divine depth in detail, lovingly shared with Mother Nature..

..Everything is not always as it seems, initially 😀Focus

Ocean Depths 

I have as many depths as the Ocean

The sea has unknown places no mans eyes have seen
Nor touched
On a discovery within my own ocean
Swimming in the depth of the ocean
Feeling my feelings
Flowing with emotions

The waterfall opens new depths
Love overflows
Pain outcast
I want to swim deep in my ocean
Until the pain turns into strength
Growing through uncomfortability
Expressing comfortably
How many poems will i write until i feel whole?
Allowing the rivers to connect on there own accord
The path to my higher self needs
Every day i feel alone in my own tidal waves
Is a stroke of pulling back my love
Detaching from the attachment of love loss
Candy floss clouds and unicorns are far away in the distance
All i need is love
Where did the love go when i need it most
It is inside me
Open myself to self to fulfil myself
With my love for self
Lets be selfish
For i believe selfish is loving thyself
Not thinking of anyone but self
It is okay when your a giver
Always giving all you’ve got to beloved or not
Every ones happiness comes first
But what about oneself happiness
I have a dream
I am loving myself in the deepest depths of my ocean
Raw natural beauty
Beautifully loving B. Love yourself. Love me. xx

I am grateful for those that have spoken kind words of wisdom, keeping me in the light and out of the darkest depths of the ocean, taking time out of their busy schedules, acknowledging my pain through my smile and expression through half expressed words….  unheard or unacknowledged by uncomfortable conversations detoured or dismissed. 

I do not expect others to treat me as i treat them as that is not possible as we are all unique, bringing our own unique qualities to create balance within our relationships.

I just think human beings need to get in touch with their compassion and empathy, deep within your ocean. 

Slight curve on the tangent…And all this not getting involved bullshit is what i said bull shit. How can you create peace by standing by and watching a war commence although you are not physically involving yourself, you are mentally involved as emotions will grow based on what your eyes and ears have witnessed. No more standing by like your blank TV screen. You get it. 

I forgive myself for allowing myself to get to this point of swirling confusion of happiness and sadness at such a height in my life and not loving myself enough to uplift in the happiest time in my life whilst transitioning through the many changes that have occurred for the best, flowing closer to my higher self. Thank you for your guidance. Love Love.

Honoring my Parents 

This I am writing for us 
From my heart to your heart 

I am thankful for my parents 

I will honor my parents

I want to live a happily, joyfully, fulfilled life 

With my family 

I want my family to live a happy, joyful and fulifilled life, full of love 

Thank you for your existence for if you did not exist i would not be here

Thank you for falling in love and planning my existence, as i have always been told

Although through pain i have thought i am not wanted. You have always wanted me for i was planned and those unplanned are still loved

With love xxxxx

Thank you parents for being friends, teaching me to remain humble, kind amd civil

Thank you for your love through the good times and the bad times 

And even when i thought you did not love me, you loved me and love me no matter what is going on within this Universe and your own

Thank you for my respectful upbringing for i am able to respect others including those who do not repect themselves as well as respecting the elderly, the youths, the environment and all living things as one

Thank you for my brothers, we do not speak every day but we love each other, protect each other and guide one another, we understand what it means to be united and stick together as a family

Thank you for teaching me manners, a sincere thank you, please and sorry has put a smile on many faces 

I am thankful that my parents have taught me to be honest, so much so, i am too honest which gets me in trouble at times but that is okay because i will still be honest regardless. Being honest with yourself and others is respectful and having high values 

 I am thankful for my intuition for my parents has always told me to follow my instincts and have always allowed me to be myself and

If you want to change your life sometimes you have to slide down head first