Ocean Depths 

I have as many depths as the Ocean

The sea has unknown places no mans eyes have seen
Nor touched
On a discovery within my own ocean
Swimming in the depth of the ocean
Feeling my feelings
Flowing with emotions

The waterfall opens new depths
Love overflows
Pain outcast
I want to swim deep in my ocean
Until the pain turns into strength
Growing through uncomfortability
Expressing comfortably
How many poems will i write until i feel whole?
Allowing the rivers to connect on there own accord
The path to my higher self needs
Every day i feel alone in my own tidal waves
Is a stroke of pulling back my love
Detaching from the attachment of love loss
Candy floss clouds and unicorns are far away in the distance
All i need is love
Where did the love go when i need it most
It is inside me
Open myself to self to fulfil myself
With my love for self
Lets be selfish
For i believe selfish is loving thyself
Not thinking of anyone but self
It is okay when your a giver
Always giving all you’ve got to beloved or not
Every ones happiness comes first
But what about oneself happiness
I have a dream
I am loving myself in the deepest depths of my ocean
Raw natural beauty
Beautifully loving B. Love yourself. Love me. xx

I am grateful for those that have spoken kind words of wisdom, keeping me in the light and out of the darkest depths of the ocean, taking time out of their busy schedules, acknowledging my pain through my smile and expression through half expressed words….  unheard or unacknowledged by uncomfortable conversations detoured or dismissed. 

I do not expect others to treat me as i treat them as that is not possible as we are all unique, bringing our own unique qualities to create balance within our relationships.

I just think human beings need to get in touch with their compassion and empathy, deep within your ocean. 

Slight curve on the tangent…And all this not getting involved bullshit is what i said bull shit. How can you create peace by standing by and watching a war commence although you are not physically involving yourself, you are mentally involved as emotions will grow based on what your eyes and ears have witnessed. No more standing by like your blank TV screen. You get it. 

I forgive myself for allowing myself to get to this point of swirling confusion of happiness and sadness at such a height in my life and not loving myself enough to uplift in the happiest time in my life whilst transitioning through the many changes that have occurred for the best, flowing closer to my higher self. Thank you for your guidance. Love Love.


Honoring my Parents 

This I am writing for us 
From my heart to your heart 

I am thankful for my parents 

I will honor my parents

I want to live a happily, joyfully, fulfilled life 

With my family 

I want my family to live a happy, joyful and fulifilled life, full of love 

Thank you for your existence for if you did not exist i would not be here

Thank you for falling in love and planning my existence, as i have always been told

Although through pain i have thought i am not wanted. You have always wanted me for i was planned and those unplanned are still loved

With love xxxxx

Thank you parents for being friends, teaching me to remain humble, kind amd civil

Thank you for your love through the good times and the bad times 

And even when i thought you did not love me, you loved me and love me no matter what is going on within this Universe and your own

Thank you for my respectful upbringing for i am able to respect others including those who do not repect themselves as well as respecting the elderly, the youths, the environment and all living things as one

Thank you for my brothers, we do not speak every day but we love each other, protect each other and guide one another, we understand what it means to be united and stick together as a family

Thank you for teaching me manners, a sincere thank you, please and sorry has put a smile on many faces 

I am thankful that my parents have taught me to be honest, so much so, i am too honest which gets me in trouble at times but that is okay because i will still be honest regardless. Being honest with yourself and others is respectful and having high values 

 I am thankful for my intuition for my parents has always told me to follow my instincts and have always allowed me to be myself and

If you want to change your life sometimes you have to slide down head first 


Thank you Jophiel for your guidance 

I am grounded 

I am present 

I am Earth 

An Earthling, earthing on the surface 

My intelligent Lotus Flower, growing through mud 


Our mind is evolving from a caterpillar to a butterfly 


The sky is not the limit

As we are limitless and free

We are stars with beautiful scars 

There is nothing to be ashamed of

My Tiger totem told me

Strive forward courageously

Be proud of myself

Lay patiently, observing my environment 

Not allowing the outside, to attack the inside

Be persistent with passion, perservering to succeed

You are strong and beautiful

You have strength and willpower to complete any task 

You are strong willed

Be confident and fierce to remain balanced with grace, sensual being

Be fearless

Be brave



As i am who i am and you are as you are

Let us not compare, as we are the same but different stars

A whole into 2

Electromagnetic energy

Float like a butterfly 

Fly like a bee 

I am limitless and i am free

We are light within space

Growing through many dimensions

I need space. I need love.

Love is all you need.

🎤All you need is love 🎶

I Love You and I Love me too

I am confident and shall just be a bee 

Limitless and free

Love Love 


💛 Happy Self L💜ve Sunday 💛

Bee Free

Bees are limitless creatures unbound by the opinions of humans. For if they were to listen to the opinions of humans they might of never fluttered their wings to fly, unknown to their unlimited potential and the benefits to themselves and their fellow bee community. Scientist believe the bee should not be able to fly due to the size of the wings to body ratio. Their body is too big for the bees to fly with those wings. Can bees fly? Damn well sufficently enough to chase your scared ass and sting someone if they feel threatened.  Humans digest and live in the bees perspective. Mother nature placed the bees in this particular form for many good reasons and it is not just to be farmed for honey.

Undressing the layers of my skin 

Unravelling my onion 

Tears flowing

Feel the waves

I am not drowning nor paddling

Just swimming in the ocean

I feel as free as a bird 

Spreading my wings

Flying into the unknown

With the wind

Not against the winds

Flowing freely

Subtle, light, skin kissed breeze

Laying here on my bed contemplating about all in my life whilst listening to Nappily Ever After Soundtrack

Slowly getting up now and again to tidy up, cleansing but resting my soul

My heart is opened moreso than before

The strings on the violin pulled my heart apart 

Exposing its vulnerable parts

Moses pulled apart the sea of consciousness

Creating a new beginning

Connecting the feminine and masculine energy

Igniting the fire within 

After my Reiki Healing in Karma 1to1 by my beautiful souls of powerful, humorous and loving women…

I love promoting my fellow brown skins, any skin, but yes these lovely brown skins as they resignate with my soul in this dimension and others…life changing…empowering…source of good energy.

Although societies have complexities about race, i feel it is a journey now slowly embraced, as more people synchronisingly embrace their natural beauty also accepting brown skins as an equal, even as the main focus in commercial advertisements for big co-operations. I am not saying ‘black’ on purpose by the way. I will curve back to this, it is not today’s purpose to explain this instead i will tickle your brain.

…My thoughts wonder about myself, as a person, my journey…how far i have come

Reflecting on the emotions i feel 

And past pain, forgiven and released

Kicking my crystals on the floor, still layed in a grid from my meditation earlier this afternoon, energy highly angelic

Citrine exposed, seperated, noted

Reminding me to be confident, confidently loving myself

Yes! Express as you feel

Be who you are regardless of your surroundings

B No more being soft to be subtle

Intensity is also a natural feeling

No more logically thinking

Just feeling

I am crazy, sexy and cool

Yes i am

Even in my head scarf, hoodie on, hood up, chilling with my not so tight trousers, no bra, hair in cainrows. Soulful.

I don’t give a fuck if I’m the only one

I like that

Janelle Monroe is so right

I really don’t give a fuck if I’m the only one that likes that

Thinks like this

Reminising about my hair journey

Be free

Looking up to see a peacock

Peacocks mean a lot to me

Do you know what a spiritual animal totem is?

{Do research}

Have you ever noticed an animal from Nature that has appeared at an imaginable time which is the right time and it’s taken your focus to dreamland. Animal totem.

Rough around the edges and smoothe

I think i am

Reminds me of the crystal i saw today

Blue Chalcedony

The stone i liked but then did not want as it made me feel uncomfortable because it chose me so comfortably, sitting in the palm of my hand

Heating rapidly causing emotions to elevate

In the presence of others not really wanting to release so much, exposed in the open as i thought it could possibly not stop like the last time


I now own it

Be mindful of others but not being just for others

Some might think I’m out of line

That is out of my context as i am aligning

Perceptions. We all have perceptions.

Listen to Jade Novah ~ All Blue

My heart sang with her song

We are all made up of stars 

No one knows everything 

How can we know everything 

That is like an ant trying to understand humans¿!
Do you think you know everything…
Are you that person that is always right?

Learning is like the birds diving into the unknown depths of the ocean eating as much knowledge that one can digest, flying away with more experience and new prospects

I want to feel grounded without having my feet placed on the ground

I have got my head up in the clouds again

It’s all blue 

All the Crystals that keep attracting me pulling my forces to fulfill my expressive creations, opening, truthfully with added rawness like a scotch bonnet sunrise with subtle light, skin kissed breeze

Holding my head up high 

Walking with confidence knowing who i am 

Day dreaming, I like night dreaming too 

Letting it go, letting it flow 


Expect the unexpected, harmonising melodies attuned to your soul

Harmonies of my heart 

As it is pounding, tinker drums

Feeling light as a feather 

My head is pounding but not hurting 

Tingling in the soles of my feet 

Breathing slowly, calmly, lightly

I feel lighter 

I have not danced crazily in my room for a while now 

Tonight is the night

As dark as the Ocean 

Deeper than the sea 

I have everything I need 

Alina Baraz feat Khalid ~ Electric 

Seeking all within the stars 

What are stars made up of?



Flashbacks to the movie Nappily ever after, a few tears roll down my face 

As the tear drops released are gliding down my cheeks 

I feel free

Tears of joy 

Reiki (霊気, /ˈreɪkiː/)

  • Alternative medicine
  • Developed in 1922 by Mikao Usui
  • Originated in Japan
  • Using techniques called palm healing or hands on healing 
  • Using Universal energy 
  • Emotional and Physical healing 


    Blue Chalcedony 

    Third time lucky they say. I want this post out today. I tried on the 22nd & 23rd now today the 25th a special day in my life for a young beautiful queen is growing amd blossoming, beautiful flower indeed. My lesson is to not rush anything because i set a time limit, do not force anything… limits are endings… i am an ongoing force, flowing, whatever will be, shall be because it was meant to be so just be.

    Email me your honest thoughts:


    🕉 Let it Go..Let it Flow ♾

    Love literally follows me everywhere… i find love like I found a love heart in this picture. If you know me, you know I Love Love and I see love hearts everywhere! You probably won’t believe me until you see it for yourself. Take a look ‘^,^’ {Photographed by BWildFlowerChild at Royal Botantic Gardens, Kew Gardens)

    Stuck in the mud
    Lotus flower

    Accept things the way they are,
    not the way you want them to be

    Taking care of the present moment

    Not staying in bed, procastinating or enhancing anxiety by checking status and news on social networks
    Comparing yourself to others is putting a negative aspect on yourself.

    Love is the highest vibration

    And anything is possible
    Don’t get stuck and lose your fluidity
    Don’t lose yourself overthinking so much

    Be in the present moment

    Give yourself peace by being silent

    I am a Masterpiece {Jasmine Sullivan}

    And still in working progress


    Don’t be afraid to be sensitive
    It makes our heart lighter

    Our heart is stronger and smarter than our mind

    How are you feeling right now?

    Your greatest form of wealth is peace of mind

    Your heart is your bestfriend
    so treat it well by not disrespecting yourself

    Be thankful
    Be kind
    Be gentle
    Be graceful

    Make peace with your past before it eats you alive

    Learn your lesson. 

    Ask yourself what is your lesson from this pain?

    Prioritise yourself and express yourself. As depression is suppression.

    Speak up. 

    People who are expressive are stronger as they are vulnerable, sharing their load and letting go of what is weighing them down

    Self care

    Inside out

    Eating healthy foods
    to remove all those toxins and purify your mind, body and soul.

    What is the root cause of the problem? 

    Yes we all go through trauma.
    Hold no regrets, no grudges.
    We need to forgive ourselves and forgive others.
    Seek peace within

    Not from external sources. You are the source. The energy. The You in Universe Youniverse.

    Self awareness is key to a lighter heart

    Seeking attention is uneccessary, give yourself attention, let me give me some love and affection {Pressure}

    Be authentic

    Life is not happening to you it is responding to you!!

    Lose control {Missy Elliot~Ciara~Fat Man Scoop}

    Lose attachments and
    be fearless

    Do something every single day that makes you happy
    With every end there is a new beginning
    Living is a continuous cycle as all is connected
    No one is always right
    Not everything has to be a battle

    Surrender and your heart becomes lighter
    Your heart should be as light as a feather

    Let it go. Let it flow. 


    9/9 One month since i made a great decision to create my website, spreading love and knowledge throughout the world. I felt excited reading my email congratulating me with encouragement to write. I needed the prompt as i have had a partial blockage.  I am so thankful i believed in myself to do so, as i am here today sharing with you.

    As my dreams are coming true with every baby step, i am closer to being who i am. I am excited about my achievements and my determinaton in pursuing what i love. Being excited is the feeling that occurs when you are participating in the actions detrimental to accomplishing whatever it is you are doing to make you happy. Taking a chance with myself. I believe i will accomplish what i set my mind to. And so can you. Let us flow together.

    Today i woke up feeling soo happy and energised, laughing out loud to myself like the wierdo i am, lost within my thoughts. I am feeling proud of myself for my personal growth and how far I’ve come. Yesterday i did not speak to any human being until about 6pm only saying hii to my housemate as i ignored the rest earlier that day not feeling their vibrations so instead repelling, deflecting, reflecting that bad energy. Sometimes i have enough, yes i do. My Mother taught me to not say anything at all if i have nothing nice to say. I do not always abide by these rules known as laws but even nature has a law so we shall acknowledge all aspects even the uncomfortable ones.

    Energy never lies. Feel it. Listen to it. There is a reason for everything.

    Focusing on me..

    ..Enjoying my blissful silence

    I am investing in myself 


    Think about Elsa she conquered fear with love, expressing and being true to herself she was able to use her powers for good, flowing with her energy instead of fearing her capabilities which caused her to become uncontrollable through her being overcontrolling. By accepting herself for who she is by not living in fear from her past traumas, she exposes her true self and then lived happily ever after surrounded by the few usual envious, jealous people but more importantly, Love 😄 iLove Hugs. Hug someone today, 4 seconds or more! Your hug can make a major difference to someones well being.

    There is no such thing as a coincidence!

    Follow the feathers, floating, freely and gracefully along your path. 

    Your guardian angels are with you, guiding and supporting you to uplift your emotions to a more enlightened state. Not wasting your time on petty arguments , superficial matters, bad habits, bad relationships and bad environments. Instead focusing on inner peace, truth, stimulating uplifting conversations, good relationships and good environments. The smallest thing usually tickling your temperament unfazing. Striving persistently for a happily harmonic balanced life..I am

    Love Love

    Brain on Fire

    I watched an amazing movie on Netflix with that little girl…

    Chloë Grace Moretz. I’ve seen her grow up on the movie screen. Talented she is. Highly reccommended. You must see for yourself!

    She brought me to think of unseen illnesses not visual to the eye but present in the moment
    To the person feeling it, it is as real as can be
    Like high pitched buzzing no one else can hear or see
    Odd but does not mean it does not exist
    As i watch on, my thoughts lingered too
    Her family and friends can see that she is not okay
    Even though she says that she is okay
    They know she is not because they can see the changes in her mood, her behaviour, conversations and motions.
    At first they continue observing and asking questions
    Pretending it is okay
    Both parties
    It is not.
    What does okay mean?
    Okay means satisfactory or acceptable.
    I cannot accept seeing my friends or family  {anyone} crumble before my eyes and not try to help
    I am not satisfied that you are okay, pretending everything is fine . The classic lying line.
    Are you satisfied with feeling this pain? No.
    I will not wait until death do us part
    I will do something now
    She had to accept the help though.
    Want it and not just need it
    With people believing in her
    Staying through thick or thin. Good or bad.
    Helping on every plane
    Physically Mentally Emotionally
    She became herself again
    Sometimes like myself i need an honest, open, unfiltered, raw, non judgemental, loving conversation, highlighting facts, giving opinions about worries and observations
    That helps
    Now take action. Action helps. Doing. Just do it. Stop talking, saying you will do something and you do not. Do it! Whatever it is to satisfy you!

    Recycle negative energy to positive energy!!!

    Sometimes my brain feels like it’s on fire
    Tic toc brain 
    Not as fast as it used to be
    But fast enough to cause pain
    An improvement ever since i began meditating
    Slower but painful
    Causes me to have a bad memory
    Sometimes it is hard to concentrate
    Especially when someone is speaking fast dlllllllllllllll
    Day dreaming, night dreaming
    Dreaming is good
    But ground my friend, we are Earth beings
    Brain squeezes
    Skull crushing
    Phones can be such a distraction from what is important
    Have you ever been speaking to someone, they look at their phone and totallly ignore you
    Lost within the screen light
    I do not like that shit
    Makes me feel like i should not even be there
    Why be in someones presence when they ignore you?
    Love your phone then let it give you a hug. Biiiyatch
    Be careful
    Speak with love they say
    I have to rant too they say
    I’m going to love myself in every kind of way. Remix.
    If the world should end tomorrow then we only have today
    My presence should be a present
    And if it is not a blessing
    Then it must be a lesson
    And we always have something to learn.
    If the world should end tomorrow then what would you do today?

    I am loving myself in every kind of way.

    Leave me a comment or send an email responding with your honest thoughts…


    If the world should end tomorrow then what would you do TODAY?

    11 27 27 11 9 54321…Empath Express…

    I get overwhelmed

    Some may say extremist

    Mum says essentric 

    I am highly sensitive

    When I’m happy the sun shines bright with a subtle breeze through sunflower petals
    When I’m sad the wind blows leaves off trees with hail stones melting into the Earth
    When I’m angry it’s a forest fire screaming with a thunderstorm whirling into the oceans mountain tides
    When I’m in love it’s an interval of light rain and a heat wave ouzing throughout a rainbow within a rainforest
    I am deeply intense and passionate
    I love Love
    I am emotionally driven by my passion and purpose of life. Love and the universe.
    I feel so deeply i cannot always verbalise how i feel
    As i am unsure of it until time
    I am selfless with my love
    But i do need love
    Love Peace Light Blessings

    Even though the heart does not speak, we must listen to it ~ Chinese proverb 

    I am an empath

    Hypersensitive and gifted to be able to feel the emotions of others so deeply. Even when they lie, i think i know the truth not just because i know but because of what i feel, to the point of pain, sadness, excitement, joy…plus general observation. And to think once upon a time i thought of it as a curse …Love is not a curse…Empathy is not a curse but a blessing…  extreme as it is…Even though the heart does not speak we must listen to it ~ Chinese proverb 

    Just for you Carnival Weekend! Dreamland & Notting hill Carnival🥁… All Islands United!  A weekend of good vibes, good music and good f💚d. Oh yes and Rum Punch. Despite all the rumors to create fear amongst us…I always have an amazing time, rain or sunshine, wuking by the truck with family, friends and fellow whiners, out for a good time. I luckily have never seen trouble myself ….well apart from last year when the crowd ran, i asked someone why they are running as i stood to the side by myself, their response something like, “I dont know everyone was standing there as the police blocked off the road and next thing something was sprayed into the crowd and people started running” 😞 no one knows why. But the news said acid attacks😧….supposedly…Not where i was friends! We will leave fake news for another day. Wooo it’s time for Carnival..Time to fete.! 

    The Caribbean Islands